Sally Hansen Digital Nails

This morning I wanted to try my brand new Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base and top coat which I received in December’s¬†GlossyBox. I also had a Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Colour in the shade Digital 06. It’s really hot pink and fun!

I really like that the base and top coat is combined as it streamlines the process. I did find it hard to apply the nail colour because the brush is quite long. It was difficult to not either use too little polish or too much. I do think I found the right balance but I’m not a fan. I am too used to OPI & Chanel’s brushes. I used two coats of Digital and the result was really good.
Now the name Diamond Shine doesn’t lie, your nails will be very very shiny. It was actually hard taking photos of them without too much glare appearing. The main problem I experienced was that 4 out of 10 nails had air bubbles which I really don’t like. I haven’t had bubbles in my nails for a long time so it is either the top coat or that my apartment was really warm when I applied the top coat so that my nails didn’t dry properly.
Can you spot the air bubbles? Overall I think I will be using the Diamond shine as a base coat only and my usual OPI Rapid-dry top coat to make sure I get no bubbles.
What’s your favourite nail polish brand? What colour are you rocking on your nails at the moment?