Do You Mousse?

Mousse usually brings back bad memories from the eighties and it used to be something that created semi-hairstyles like Cam Diaz in Something About Mary. However they have been re-invented and when I recently took stock of my hair products I found three hair mousses lying around, all from Schwarzkopf. This is one of the reasons I need to do Project 50 Pan. Mousse used to make my hair even more tanglier but thanks to the Tangle Teezer, this is not an issue anymore.

The Ultimate Styling Mousse is a 5 on the ultimate hold scales, whereas the other two are a 4 in maximum hold. It features a keratin hair filler and UV filter to protect your hair whilst making it stronger and fuller. The scent is very pleasant and not chemical at all. The Heidi’s Heat Styles Mousse features heat protection (perfect before a blow dry) and gives a 48 hour hold and volume. I currently have it in my hair and it is still full and bouncy and it’s been two days already. The scent is floral and suits its pink packaging to a tee. The Volume Power Mousse gives volume and lifts your hair at the roots to make sure that the hair looks fuller and very naturally styled. I usually put it in my hair, place it in a top knot and after a few hours I am left with gorgeous curls with no effort. I love the scent of this mousse and it will leave your hair smelling super nice!

The most important thing with mousse is to not apply too much. Since my hair is short and fine I usually apply less than half of this mousse snow ball I am holding in my hand. Try and not apply any around the roots of your hair to avoid greasiness.

When you buy a mousse I would recommend looking for one that suits your hair type and what you want to achieve. If you want to style your hair a lot, look for something with a heat protectant in it. If you just want added volume, choose a volume enhancing mousse. The funny thing is that mousse has gone from not being on my radar, to something I use several times a week.

Do you mousse? How do you style your hair?