5 Reasons to Make Eye Primer Part of Your Beauty Routine

Eye primer can be one of the most underappreciated products in your beauty arsenal. But it is an essential tool for making your eye shadow look as vibrant on your eyes as it does when you see it in a pan or compact.

1. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Last All Day Long

When you apply eye makeup, it tends to crease, run, smudge and fade over time. Primer creates a film between your eyeshadow and skin, which helps to keep it in place all day.

2. It Helps To Smooth Your Eyelids

The skin on your eyelids is very thin and delicate, which makes it prone to wrinkling and fine lines. If you don’t use a primer, your eyeshadow will tug and pull on this sensitive skin, which can lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles.

3. It Gives Your Eyeshadow Color a Vibrant Base

When you don’t use an eyeshadow primer, your eyeshadow can look dull and smudge easily. This can be especially frustrating if you’re going for a smokey or bold look because it’s impossible to get the shadow to blend out evenly without an eyeshadow primer underneath.

4. It Prevents Creases and Smudges

If you have oily eyelids, you might want to make use of an oil-free eyeshadow primer that will prevent your eye makeup from clumping together and fading or separating during the day. The best eyeshadow primers will create a thin layer on the lids that acts as a barrier between your eye makeup and your oily skin, helping it stay in place for hours while making your eyeshadow look fresher.

5. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

A lot of the time, eyeshadow colors look vibrant on a swatch, but then they start to fade away when you wear them. This is because the pigments in your eyeshadow won’t be as effective on bare skin, which causes them to fade more quickly.

6. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

There are many ways to add pops of color to your eyeshadow look, but one of the easiest ways is to apply a shade of primer that has a yellow or peach cast. This will neutralize the purples, browns and bruise shades in your eyeshadow, and will brighten up your face.

7. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Last

The main reason to use an eyeshadow primer is that it will keep your eyeshadow color looking as vibrant as it does when you swatch it on the back of your hand. This will make your eyeshadow look more natural, and will allow you to apply it with less effort.

8. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

The best eyeshadow primers will make your shadows pop because they will allow them to show up more vibrant on your eyelids. This can also be beneficial for achieving a more complex look, such as the sunset or peacock eye.

9. It Will Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

The key to using an eyeshadow primer is to apply it before you do any other makeup on your eyes. This way, your shadows will stay as vibrant and fresh as possible.

Eye primers are the key to making your eye makeup last all day long, without fading or creasing. It's a bit of a minor part of the makeup routine, but it's one that should be made a priority if you want your eyes to look their best.

5 Reasons to Make Eye Primer Part of Your Beauty Routine

First and foremost, it helps your eye shadow stay true to its color as it blends and clings to your lids. This is especially important if you're using multiple colors in your look, as it will help your eyeshadow colors pop on your skin instead of fade away.

It's also a great way to reduce the amount of discolouration on your eyes, which can make the colour appear less vibrant and affect how easy it is to apply.

You can find many different types of eye primers on the market, but if you're just starting out, try looking for a product that has a light consistency and is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. You can then choose the most suitable product to fit your needs.

Depending on your complexion, you'll also want to pick a primer that is suitable for your skin type and is free of fragrances and phthalates. The LORAC Eye Primer is a popular choice, and it comes in several shades to suit any skin tone.

If you have oily eyelids, you'll also need to find a formula that is able to help your eyeshadow adhere evenly. The bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer is a good option, and it will help your eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant on your skin.

Some eye primers are also formulated with sunscreen, which can protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. This can prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some primers aren't compatible with certain products, such as foundation or concealer. This is especially true if you're using a thick formula that can't be blended easily on top of the primer.

To use, apply a small layer to the area you want to prime and lightly tap the product into your lids, being careful not to tug or pull on your skin. You can use a small makeup brush to do this, or just your fingers.

When paired with eyeshadow, primer can extend the wear of your makeup for up to 24 hours. This makes it a must-have for any makeup lover, especially those with dry or oily eyes.

You can add eye primer to your makeup routine as often as you like, and it's a simple step that will pay off in the end. It's also a must-have for anyone who wants to have an eye makeup look that looks as good on the eyes as it does on the face. It will prevent creases and faded colors, and it will even out the skin on your lids so that everything you apply looks as perfect as possible.